Photo Jan 13 2018 museum

For your dining and dancing pleasure, some samples of my lovely, sometimes rough and growly, voice-

Fiction – Detective Story – A serial murderer finds his next victim in a lonely part of town, in the isolated parking lot of a strip mall.  In a wheelchair…

Non-Fiction – Becoming a Physician – What is it like at the beginning of the journey to become a medical doctor?

Fiction – Comic Memoir – Growing up in an Orthodox Jewish Community, in the first person.  Oy.

Non-Fiction – American History – What was it like to ring in the New Year in 19th Century New York City? Before Television? Before Times Square was even conceived?

Non-Fiction – Self Help – Health and Relationships – Is Love and Sex After Sixty possible? For anyone who wants it?

Non-Fiction – Business Building Success Advice – Where can you go to get the tools and techniques – and the proper attitude – to build a successful business that you will enjoy owning?

Fiction – Military, WW II – What goes through a soldier’s mind as he’s aboard ship, the night before landing, preparing mentally for the next step in the campaign in the Pacific? Another island to take…