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For your dining and dancing pleasure, some samples of my lovely, sometimes rough and growly, voice-

Comedic Memoir – Growing up in Park Slope, Brooklyn, in the 1970’s.  Maybe it was all fun and games?

Non-Fiction – The trouble(s) with water – So precious it is coveted, argued over and fought over.  It can be pure or it can be purer?

Non-Fiction – True Crime – The small city in the tiny state – Providence, Rhode Island – holds its own against the big cities when it comes to organized crime –

Non-Fiction – The Spymaster Meets the PressAfter a long career in the shadowy world of international espionage and counter-terrorism, the spymaster faces reporters.

Non-Fiction – Baseball Stadiums – They are beautiful and they speak to who we are and what we aspire to.

Non-Fiction – The American Narrative – Is there a way to write an American Narrative in this day and age – with deep divisions in our nation – that all Americans can agree upon?