My List

Complete list of my narrations is available on Audible


  • Bluffing Texas Style (Johnny Jenkins) by Michael Vinson
  • The Sailor (Franklin D. Roosevelt) by David F. Schmitz
  • The Autobiography of Upton Sinclair
  • George Washington’s Final Battle by Robert P. Watson
  • Blackout (Jackie Robinson) by Chris Lamb
  • The Doctor’s Plague (Ignac Semmelweiss) by Sherwin B. Nuland
  • Mapping Woody Guthrie by Will Kaufman
  • The Revolution of ’28 (Al Smith) by Robert Chiles
  • A Deeper Blue (Townes VanZandt)


  • Virtual Searches by Christopher Slobogin
  • Free to Move by Ilya Somin
  • Federalism by Mark J Rozell, Clyde Wilcox
  • Taking Back the Constitution by Mark Tushnet
  • The Glory and the Burden by Robert Schmuhl
  • How America Lost Its Mind by Thomas E. Patterson


  • The Downfall of the American Order by Jonathan Kirshner
  • Surveillance Capitalism in America by Josh Lauer
  • The Brass Check by Upton Sinclair
  • Make It Clear by Patrick Henry Wilson
  • Thirteeners by Daniel F. Prosser
  • The Real Business of IT by Richard Hunter and George Westerman
  • Reimagining Healthcare by Thomas Koulopoulos

Contemporary Culture

  • The Sacred Universe by Thomas Berry
  • The Sprawl by Jason Diamond
  • Frontal Fatigue by Mark Rego, MD
  • Ghost Road by Anthony M Townsend
  • How America Lost Its Mind by Thomas E. Patterson
  • The Future of Change by Ray Brescia
  • Our American Story by Joshua Claybourn


  • Disease and History by Frederick F. Cartwright
  • The Shame of the Cities by Lincoln Steffens
  • Recovering Inequality by Steve Kroll Smith
  • Valley of the Guns by Eduardo Obregon Pagan
  • American Dunkirk by James M Kendra, Tricia Wachtendorf
  • How We Won and Lost the War in Afghanistan by Douglas Grindle
  • An Unnatural Metropolis – Craig Colten


  • The Taxable Investor’s Manifesto by Stuart E Lucas
  • Investing for Dummies by Eric Tyson
  • Coffeehouse Investors Guide by Bill Schultheis
  • Retirement Planning for Dummies by Matthew Krantz


  • Less Than Human by David Livingstone Smith
  • Race? by Ian Tattersall and Rob DeSalle
  • Mapping Humanity by Josh Z Rapporport
  • Regenesis by George Church
  • Case histories, Infectious Diseases by Hilary Humphreys

Self Help

  • 21 Days to a Big Idea by Bryan Mattimore
  • My House Is Killing Me! by Jeffrey C May
  • Downsizing by David Ekerdt
  • Healing Rhythms to Reset Wellness by Dr. Frank Lawlis
  • Meditation for Beginners by Erik Tao
  • Time Management Skills by Grace Bell

Complete list of my narrations available on Audible