My List

some of what I’ve done…


  • Ghost Road: Beyond the Driverless Car
    by Anthony M. Townsend
  • Mapping Woody Guthrie
    by Will Kaufman
  • Revolution of ’28 (Al Smith)
    by Robert Chiles
  • Deeper Blue (Townes VanZandt)
    by Robert Earl Hardy
  • Bluffing Texas Style (Johnny Jenkins)
    by Michael Vinson
  • Big Bend (Memoir)
    by J. O. Langford
  • Doctors Plague (Ignaz Semmelweis)
    by Sherwin Nuland
    Winner ‘Earphones Award’ – July 2020

History / Government

  • How America Lost Its Mind
    by Thomas E. Patterson
  • Taking Back the Constitution
    by Mark Tushnet
  • Free to Move
    by Ilya Somin
  • Justice in Plain Sight
    by Dan Bernstein
  • American Dunkirk
    by J Kendra, T Wachtendorf
  • The Glory and the Burden
    by Robert Schmuhl
  • Recovering Inequality
    by Steve Kroll-Smith
  • Our American Story
    by Joshua A. Claybourn
  • Federalism
    by M J Rozell, C Wilcox

Science / Technology

  • Regenesis – Synthetic Biology/Genetics
    by Ceorge M. Church
  • Race? A Scientific Myth
    by I Tattersall, R DeSalle
  • An Unnatural Metropolis
    Craig E. Colten
  • Reimagining Healthcare
    Thomas Koulopoulos