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Government Surveillance – its current state and the current limits under the Fourth Amendment and recent case law. The author is a well known and highly regarded expert in the field and offers his analysis and insight, as well as recommendations.


American business has always been involved in the business of observing and recording the details of the behavior of employees, customers, and competitors. Company spies infiltrated labor organizers. overseers watched enslaved persons, and today we are tracked everywhere we go online. This engaging book from University of Pennsylvania Press chronicles the history of these practices.

Politics and Economics

Politics and Media

Can a Harvard professor help us to understand how we came to so mistrust our fellow Americans? And how to get out of this bad situation?


Prominent theologians, clergy, sociologists, and other scholars explore the growing numbers of the religiously non-affiliated in America. Why is it growing and what does it mean for us, as a society.


Who was this charming, little reprobate? An art forger? A Poker champion? Did he do himself in? Or was it someone else’s clever idea?

History of Medicine

In 1930’s America the very first surgical procedure to relieve the suffering of the severely mentally ill showed great promise. It was the only alternative to the overcrowded and underfunded ‘Mental Asylums’ of the day.

History / Biography

FDR Navigated the challenges of the Great Depression and then the run-up to and the victory in WWII.


What does one of the world’s leading visionaries in the field of genetics have to say about the future of life? (Both natural and artificial.)


What has suburban culture contributed to the Great American Story and Culture?