Non-Fiction Narration

Listen to me. You might learn something.

Peter Lerman is a narrator and producer from the heart of New York City: Brooklyn. Manhattan and Brooklyn were suffused with the flavors and sounds of the entire world. He tasted it all and heard it all. When you come of age in New York City, nothing is foreign.

His first wife told him that he loved her not nearly as much as he loved the sound of his own voice. This made him wonder if other people might love the sound of his voice as well. And so, a narrator was born.

Until the Pandemic came, Peter also worked as a Registered Respiratory Therapist, a CPR instructor, a certified COPD educator and a smoking cessation counsellor. Now he spends a few nights a week teaching English as a Second Language to new Americans in the Danbury area. It gives him an additional opportunity to use his deep, resonant voice for the benefit of others.

He has excellent facility with scientific/technical/medical vocabularies and has published articles on healthcare.

Books narrated by Peter are available at Audible.com

email:  LermanNarrator@gmail.com Telephone: 203.733.0970 (US Eastern Time)

His studio is in Danbury, Connecticut – 90 minutes from midtown Manhattan

(Note: In the photograph above, Peter is waiting for his ship to come in. It never does, however. This is because he is waiting at the train station.)